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Those Behind Me

The years of the Russian-Ukrainian war have changed my personal life dramatically. It might be the voice of my trauma, but almost everything I’ve been writing and filming during last eight years is a reflection of the war in Ukraine.

At the moment, I’m working on the development of my new documentary film with the working title “Those Behind Me”. I intend to make a poetic essay documentary film about my generation. Ukrainians of my age have always lived in times of changes and in the shadow of every-minute-threat. It’s a sort of vicious circle and our traumas are deeply rooted in our past, especially those of the 20th century. For example, my great-grandparents were exiled to Solovki camp in the 1930s by the Soviet authorities. Almost every Ukrainian family has such stories.

Thus, I want to talk about Ukrainian past, present and future from my personal perspective and to make an intimate essay that could at the same time serve as a reflection of the collective portrait of Ukrainian society today.

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