Ievgeniia Gubkina


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Documenting and Reflecting Upon the Destruction of Heritage within the Historic Center of Kharkiv

This project delves into the intersection of war and architecture, focusing on the destruction of cultural heritage and the built environment in Kharkiv, the largest city of left-bank Ukraine, which has endured relentless shelling and missile strikes since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion. Around 50 heritage sites spanning different historical periods will be researched and visually documented, with an emphasis on their significance and current condition amid the ongoing war. The project will provide historical and architectural analysis interwoven with the author's reflection on topics such as colonial history, shared and contested heritage, and memory. These findings will serve as the cornerstone for a future book, offering a contemporary perspective on Kharkiv's architectural heritage and its vital connection to the broader context of pan-European historical narratives. The project also includes public outreach through speeches, lectures, and interviews, aiming to draw attention to heritage destruction in Kharkiv.

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Ukrainian Architectural Heritage under Russian Threat

Since the war began, as an architectural historian I was repeatedly contacted by international journalists and heritage preservation experts to describe the current situation for Ukrainian heritage. Ukrainian cities have been deliberately and cruelly destroying by missiles and shelling. I plan to give a series of public talks, lectures in European cities and online, to give interviews and make publications promoting Ukrainian heritage and drawing international attention to its destruction as a result of the Russian war. Because it is not only people, but also Ukrainian heritage that is in danger. Through my established contacts with those people who stay in besieged cities, as well as with photographers, I will collect and show evidences of Russia’s war against Ukraine reflected in built environment. Explaining what is happening, I can give my expert opinion in the field of heritage preservation providing destruction descriptions and analysis that are vitally important for rebuilding cities in the future. 

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