Projects Funded

The projects listed below have been supported by Documenting Ukraine. This is not a complete list; other grantees have opted not to publish information about their projects, and new projects are being added to the site on an ongoing basis.
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Project Grantee
"Is Pushkin to Blame for Birth of Putin?": Problem of Decolonization/Derussification of Public Spaces in Kharkiv Yevhen Zakharchenko
"Lost Home": Social Discourse on the Impact of War on the Sense of Home Alla Petrenko-Lysak
(Not)Collaboration: Educators’ Survival Strategies in the Conditions of Kherson Region Occupation Mykhailo Honchar
Beyond the News Images / Interviews of Documentary Photographers Max Gorbatskyi
Darkest before the Dawn: Gratuitous Gore in Ukrainian War-Related Humor Andrii Dostliev
Documenting and Reflecting Upon the Destruction of Heritage within the Historic Center of Kharkiv Ievgeniia Gubkina
Documenting Religious Transformations as Mirror of Social Changes after Large-Scale Invasion into Ukraine Tetiana Kalenychenko, Denys Brylov
Documenting Ukrainian Wartime Humor: A Linguocultural Analysis Alla Bondarenko
Fast Track Colonization: Russia’s Passportization Policy in the Old and New Occupied Territories of Ukraine Tetiana Maliarenko
Food and Nutrition During the War in Ukraine Olena Braichenko
I Am Here and You Are Gone: The stories of Transition to Adulthood in the Times of War in Ukraine Tina Polek
Language and War in Ukraine: The Vocabulary of Everyday Life in 2022 Halyna Matsyuk