Halyna Matsyuk


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Language and War in Ukraine: The Vocabulary of Everyday Life in 2022

The purpose of the project is to systematize the lexical units actualized in public use and to unite them in thematic groups that reflect peculiar zones of the reality of everyday life.
The theoretical framework takes into account the theory of everyday reality, the interdisciplinary approach to the interaction of language and war, characteristics of lexicographic practice and the compilation of thematic dictionaries. The sources of the project include news columns in Ukrainian online media and the information resources of the government. The database contains updated lexical items in the news, the semantics of which are related to the war and the daily life of citizens, and is to date made up of 1,500 registered words.
The project combines qualitative tools, procedures and methods, including text analysis, meaning analysis and classification procedures, philological method, definition method, and an onomasiological approach to distributing registered words into thematic groups. 

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