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Drama "Mom, It Hurts!" – English Translation and the Creating of an Audio Performance

In April of 2023 we began working on a drama entitled Mom, It Hurts! The main idea behind this work, based on documentary material, is to reflect on relevant topics, such as the experience of war, injuries, mental illnesses, the return of combatants to civilian life, and their attempts to rediscover themselves and their feelings.  
Mom, It Hurts! is a drama built around the stories of five soldiers who  were taken to an army hospital after being injured. For each of them the process of healing is time to ask themselves new questions. The characters of the drama reevaluate their pre-war life and experiences of the battle. 
Central to the plot are the real stories of soldiers documented by Yurii Vovkohon while being in a hospital after an injury in the summer of 2022.  

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