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An Essay from the Front

The project consists in writing a book-length essay about my trips to the front as a volunteer as well as creating a media archive with visual, audio, and video content from places and cities where my team and I travel as part of our mission. Driving cars to military units at the battlefront, I meet many people who live under shelling every day, as well as soldiers who were civilians before February 24, and, as a result of the Russian invasion, were forced to don military uniforms and defend their country. I would like to speak about the lives of these people, their views and their lives; about how the war looks not in the news, but about war as a daily routine; about what makes up most of the day for these people, what they eat and where they sleep, etc. The readers will have an opportunity to learn about life behind the scenes for Ukrainian soldiers at the front and the life of civilians who, each playing their part, are trying to do the impossible so that Ukraine can survive and win this war. 

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  • The Longest February: One Year of Full-Scale War
    There has not been a moment since the morning of 24 February 2022 left untouched by the Russo-Ukrainian War. A wry commonplace among Ukrainians is that February 2022 still hasn’t ended – we are now in its 13thmonth. It feels both impossible and essential to reflect on the past year, to think about where we stand now, and to envision the future. Here we present a selection of publications by members of the IWM community tied in some way to the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, in English and German. Many of the authors represented here are part of the IWM's Documenting Ukraine program. New items are added on an ongoing basis.