Alla Hnatiuk


Documenting Ukraine Grants

NGOs During the All-Out Invasion: Financial Challenges and Sustainability

Russia’s aggressive military offensive against Ukraine has had a significant and undesirable impact on the NGOs’ financial security. Most projects have had to be postponed, or even canceled. As a result, members of the project teams and contractors have become financially vulnerable. It is essential to monitor changes in financial policies and the implementation of various restrictions in the banking sector and analyze how they affect the financial stability of NGOs. This project includes collecting data on monetary policy and wartime restrictions in Ukraine and a series of interviews with NGO representatives, focusing on the financial aspects of their functioning. The best surviving and resilience practices for the NGO sector are to be summarized. I plan to draft an analytical report on the problem of the financial resilience of the NGOs in conditions of changing financial rules due to the all-out Russian invasion.

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