Decoding Russia’s Future with Kadri Liik


In this episode of the Vienna Coffee House Conversations, Ivan Vejvoda hosts IWM and ECFR fellow Kadri Liik for an urgent and pressing discussion of Russia's geopolitical climate as influenced by its historical trajectory and the evolving preoccupations of President Putin. The conversation navigates Russia's internal political dynamics, the country's evolving relationship with the West, and its position on global matters, especially in light of the ongoing full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Liik’s perspective on Russia's future, the potential for self-correction, and its interactions with China and the European Union shed a thoughtful and engaging light on the complex fabric of Russia's foreign policy and societal structure.

Kadri Liik, Europe's Futures Fellow of the IWM and ERSTE Foundation, is also a Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, with a focused expertise on Russia, Eastern Europe, and the Baltic region. Prior to joining the ECFR in 2012, Liik served as the Director of the International Center for Defense Studies in Estonia. Her career includes roles as a Moscow correspondent for Estonian newspapers, foreign news editor at Postimees, and editor-in-chief at the foreign affairs magazine Diplomaatia. With her experience as a journalist, including hosting the current affairs talk show Välismääraja, Liik brings a unique blend of journalistic acumen and deep policy knowledge to the discussion on Russia’s global role and future prospects.