Viktoriia Myronenko


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Fragile Memory: Photographic Archive of the Ukrainian Cinematographer Leonid Burlaka

For the last five years I have been working on researching the photo archive of the Ukrainian cinematographer Leonid Burlaka. The basis of the research is a unique photo archive (about 500 films) of the outstanding Ukrainian cinematographer Leonid Burlaka, director of photography of the famous film The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed (1979), and author of more than 40 distribution and about 20 television films. These photo films are the only example of a holistically preserved photo archive, which illustrates various spheres of life in Ukraine from the 1960s to the 1990s and has not only historical, but also artistic value. The importance of the project stems from the fact that the archive is  part of a large-scale interdisciplinary project that includes the documentary film Fragile Memory (2022) (, scientific research, archive exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad (Krakow Film Festival, 2019; Odessa International Film Festival, 2019) and publication of a photo book as the final result.

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