Vadym Ilkov


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Fixing the War

Fixing the War is a feature documentary film that follows the lives and work of several Ukrainian fixers over a year-long period as they fix for international media outlets in a relentless news cycle while trying to survive and thrive as human beings in a war zone.

This is a first-person testimony film where we place the invisible person––the fixer––center frame to hear their unvarnished experience. The fixers’ stories are interwoven with observational documentary revealing the scenes of the global news hotspot that Ukraine has become. Raw, immediate and visceral frontline footage filmed by the fixers themselves on their phones allows the audience to experience the unedited reality of their work through the fixer’s own eyes.

This film is told by Ukrainians about Ukrainians. It is facilitated and creatively supported by Irish collaborators who believe that we need to empower global audiences to understand that there is a real cost to the humans involved in international reportage.


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