Stanislav Aseyev


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Justice Initiative Fund

The idea of the project is to create a memorial site tasked with preserving the facts of Russian war crimes in the national memory of Ukraine. At the same time, Aseyev’s own work will be integrated into the documentary function of the project; namely, conducting a large-scale investigative advocacy campaign based on his book about Russian forces’ illegal prison in occupied Donetsk. Since this book is already translated into five languages, including English, this campaign has the potential to engage tens of millions of people worldwide, organically combining the documentary function of the memorial site with the visualization of specific Russian war crimes in Ukraine. Also on this site, and as part of Aseyev’s international advocacy work, documentaries about Aseyev’s experience will be screened, vividly demonstrating the horrors of Russia's repressions in the Donbas and a return to the worst repressive practices of the Soviet Union.

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