Nadiia Temirova


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Historico-Cultural Heritage of the Donetsk Region: Documentation of Losses and Perspectives of Recovery

The aim of the project is to identify lost material objects of Donetsk historico-cultural heritage and to document them by creating an open electronic archive. The scholarly focus of the project is directed towards fixed material objects of historic heritage: the architectural buildings, monuments, museums and murals of Donetsk. The expected results of the project are the following: 
-    the creation of a website, “Historico-Cultural Heritage of the Donetsk Region: History, Losses, Recovery,” which will contain an online archive of the historic and cultural monuments of the Donetsk region with information about their origin and current state, as well as testimonies regarding the circumstances of their destruction;
-    preparation of a special issue of the Historic Periodical of Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University on the preservation of the historico-cultural heritage of the Donetsk region; 
-    Organization of a seminar for scholars and practitioners, “Ukrainian Historico-Cultural Heritage of the Donetsk Region which has (not) Disappeared”;
-    conducting an information campaign.