Maksym Nakonechnyi


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Documentary Feature about the Russo-Ukrainian War

Destructive and constructive changes in spaces, caused by the war and the subsequent transformation of buildings, things, animals, people, their bodies, and their ideas, both individually and collaboratively. Metro stations, residential and public facilities, factories, and urban spaces turn into shelters, volunteer centers, or, unfortunately, rubble. Animals in empty zoos and abandoned flats have also changed. Humans–their bodies, activities, and ideas–are either heavily involved in war or struggling to continue their habitual way of living, and thus their statuses and identities are inevitably transformed. Former civilians have turned into soldiers, volunteers, and refugees. The bodies of those killed by the occupiers have become proof of war crimes, objects of the struggles of those who survived and are willing to commemorate their loved ones, thus constructing collective memory and history. But humans are still able to remain resilient and in charge of their existence. 

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