Maksym Gon


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Noting Warfare: A Historian on the Front Line

On the eve of the Russia-Ukraine war of aggression, I had no idea that the very next morning I would be forced to recall all the skills I had gained during my Soviet army service. In a couple of days, I became a soldier in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and started making notes on the war, everyday life on the frontline and people coping with the challenges of war. My unit moved from one position to another and at every location, I have had the possibility to see different faces of war and various people coping with fear and frustration, helping, and supporting their Army. I see the rise in national consciousness and other changes in Ukrainian society. The academic analysis of these changes remains for the future, but for now it is important to record all possible data, including personal experiences. The aims of the project are to document Ukrainian reality since February 24, 2022 and to prepare the ground for reflections on the role of history and historians at war in a small team of combatants.

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