Hanna Bondarenko


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Elderly War-Affected People in Contemporary Ukraine

The project aims to document the events of the war and their direct impact on elderly Ukrainians aged 65-90. This important group of people, particularly vulnerable to the problems and horrors of the war, have been unfairly left out of the scope of scientific research. Some of them encountered war for the second time in their lives (some of the elderly were children and survived the Second World War). A survey is planned among the specified group of respondents, such as people living in Kharkiv, and those who were evacuated (from settlements in Kharkiv region) or moved outside Kharkiv (to Kharkiv region or other regions of Ukraine). 
In the course of the research, it is planned to conduct video and audio interviews among this group of people and study a number of important aspects of their everyday life, without which it is impossible to fully depict and investigate the realities of the war in Ukraine.

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