Halyna Lukianets


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Folklore and War: Slobozhanskyi Dimension

The project has two aims. On the one hand, it seeks to document the war by gathering folklore (songs, legends, etc.) in the villages of Slobozhanshchyna. For this purpose, the project members will visit villages situated in Slobozhanskyi region, communicate with locals who faced the war or who have been under occupation, and record this communication so as to find out how the war influenced local folklore. 
On the other hand, the project aims to reproduce the folkloric traditions of Slobozhanshchyna in order to disprove the common Russian narrative that Slobozhanshchyna is a part of Russia and Russian culture. For more than 30 years, project members have been gathering and researching the folklore of this region and reproducing them as a folklore group, “Muravskyi shliakh.” Unfortunately, a lot of pieces of folklore have been lost during this time. The members of the project will attempt to bring these traditions back to the locals living in the villages that the members are going to visit.