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Displacement in Ukraine – Decision-Making, Routes, and Prospects. One Year Retrospective

"The decision to flee one’s country of residence in wartime is one of the most crucial decisions a person can make. During the twentieth century, many Ukrainians made this decision under various circumstances. 
With the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, about 12 million Ukrainians left their homes within three months. This number is difficult to imagine and comprehend, but we want to touch a little on the topic of these difficult decisions.
We are keen to understand the decision-making process and rationale that people follow (and construct) when leaving home, as well as planning routes and prospects, but in the context of one plus year after they do away from home and update their migration status, as well as examining a retrospective view of the rationality of their decision-making in 2022. 
In the summer of 2022, we interviewed thirty people forcibly displaced due to Russia's war in Ukraine, both internally and to different European countries. In 2023, we plan to launch a longitudinal study, conduct follow-up conversations with our research partners, and check how they rationalize their choices from one year ago and continue to make them now.

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Co-author of this study is Dr. Oleksandra Tarkhanova, Center for Governance and Culture in University of St.Gallen