Darya Tsymbalyuk

Documenting Ukraine Grants

Environmental Impact of Russia’s War on Ukraine

In this project, I focus on the environmental impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine, which I study through ethnographic fieldwork and interviews. The fieldwork is part of a book manuscript based on rigorous academic research but aimed at a broader public. The project and the book are targeted at communities abroad and are intended to raise awareness about different temporalities of the war and the impact of the Russian invasion on the livelihoods of Ukraine, including the slow violence of some forms of environmental destruction. I hope this increased awareness will bring informed solidarity with Ukraine’s fight for justice, including environmental justice, both today, and in the post-war future. In this project, I am particularly interested not only in human relationships with environments, and how they have been ruptured and altered by the war, but also how these relationships have been maintained and, where possible, recuperated.

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