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Diagnosis. The War

The full-scale war that began on February 24, 2022 will quickly make everybody forget about that first period of the Russian-Ukrainian war. However, it lasted for eight years, was filled with a litany of tragedies and victories, and gave rise to lots of personal stories. Without understanding of this period, it will be rather difficult to analyze this new full-scale stage of the war. And it seems like now is the last chance to capture that experience before it is overshadowed by the new one. 

Meanwhile Dukh i Litera Publishing House and the Ukrainian Military Medicine Association have just fulfilled an oral history project entitled “Diagnosis. The War,” wherein they have succeeded in recording 100 in-depth interviews with military personnel, doctors, volunteers, psychologists, and other people engaged in the first period of the Russian-Ukrainian war. However, they didn’t have time to make these materials public. That is why the main idea of this project is to compose the manuscript of a future book entitled Diagnosis. The War, which will consist of the oral histories of different people engaged in the Russian-Ukrainian war between 2014 and 2022.


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