Andrii Kotliar


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Generation That Was Stolen

The Generation That Was Stolen is the draft title of a documentary film project about child abductions in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The project will be created by Babylon’13 collective with the support of the Regional Center for Human Rights (RCHR) who do investigational reports on this topic. 

The film will tell a story of a family struggling to bring their children back home. Along with their battle being the central part of the plot, the film will also include an investigational element by using visual evidence when available, such as photographs, videos, and documents, to both support the narrative and provide credibility. 

These two techniques combined will shed light on violations of human rights and international law, drawing attention to the plight of children who have been abducted. This will lead to increased awareness and advocacy for their rights, as well as giving a platform for survivors and victims' families to share their stories and experiences.


Grant on behalf of:

Babylon 13