Anatoliy Dnistrovyi


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Battle for Life: The Diary of 2023

The book Battle for Life: The Diary of 2023 is the sequel to a previous book, which started as a personal story, but in the process turned out to be an essayistic diary chronicle of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As in the previous book from 2022, the spontaneous form of writing allows me to combine different contexts and different layers of events—personal, local Ukrainian, and international. The cascades of actual events show what unprecedented changes and tectonic shifts this war has caused in Ukraine and the world. But the news is known for one unpleasant feature: most of it disappears over time and evaporates like water, so it is important to analyse it at the moment when it is revealed. In the new book, events and their interpretation will be presented in chronological order: it is important to show how the plot and contexts of the war, as well as its emotional, political, analytical, and public perception in Ukraine is changing, as do the reactions of the rest of the world.

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