Frequently Asked Questions

Established in March 2022, Documenting Ukraine is a research project dedicated to creating a record of the events and experiences of the Russo-Ukrainian war and channelling it to the wider international audiences as it is happening in real time. The project involves one-time grants of 5000 EUR to Ukrainian intellectuals and creative professionals working on factual records and/or artistic reflections of the full-scale invasion, as well as creation of a transdisciplinary archive for said materials.

This page is meant to answer your questions regarding the eligibility criteria, the application process, procedures after receiving the grant support etc. In case of any inquires which were not covered here, you can reach out to us via email at

FAQs in Ukrainian are here

Who is eligible to apply?
We welcome applications from academics from any discipline, public intellectuals, writers, publishers, artists (including but not limited to documentary filmmakers and photographers), archivists and preservationists, media professionals and journalists.

Who is not eligible to apply?
We are not equipped to work with projects that deal with legal aspects of war crimes, materials which are legally intended for use in international and national courts. Moreover, due to ethical concerns we largely abstain from projects which involve minors.

Can people from outside Ukraine apply?
Our priority is to support people currently residing in Ukraine; at the same time, we do recognize the importance and relevance of projects from outside Ukraine and their authors are also welcomed to submit their applications.

Can we apply as a team/on behalf of an NGO?
Only individuals can apply for a grant, but in your application, you can state that you apply on behalf of a team/an NGO. Please note that if this is the case, the bank account of the grant recipient should match the name of the applicant.

Are fictional works eligible for support from Documenting Ukraine?
Applicants working on fictional pieces are welcome to apply. There is no division between fiction and non-fiction in the evaluation process; the decision of the jury is influenced by numerous factors, such as the relevance and quality of the project, its timeframe etc. However, we are indeed mostly working with documentary material.

Which documents do I have to submit to apply?
Your application should contain the following information:

  • Letter of motivation (1-2 pages) that addresses the project’s significance and how it relates to the mission of Documenting Ukraine
  • Project description (1-3 pages) including planned activities, information about who will be carrying out the project and their qualifications, and the desired outcome
  • CV
  • Contact details of one reference person who is familiar with your work and can speak to its suitability for Documenting Ukraine

Can I submit additional materials to support my application?
Yes, during the application submission process you will have an option to add supporting materials.

What is the language of operation?
Documenting Ukraine is a multilingual project. Although application submissions in English are preferred, we also accept applications written in Ukrainian. Results of the grant do not need to be translated into English – Ukrainian is perfectly fine.

Who can be a referee for our project?
A referee is a practitioner in your field who knows about your project and can speak to its suitability for Documenting Ukraine support. A recommendation letter is not needed; name, position, email, and phone number of the referee will suffice.

Do I need to submit a budget?
A detailed budget is not necessary; however, we would appreciate it if your application indicates the project’s current state of development and how it would benefit from our support.

Can I apply once again if my project was rejected/supported in a previous round?
Yes, you may apply again even if your project was previously rejected/supported by us.

Can I submit more than one project for consideration per application cycle?
No, in each application cycle the jury will only evaluate one project per person.

Can we make changes to the application once it has been sent?
Unfortunately, you cannot alter your application after it was sent.

Can you provide feedback regarding my application?
We lack the capacity to guide and advise individual projects; we do not provide comments regarding the content of the application.

What to do if I missed the application deadline?
We encourage you to subscribe to our Ukraine Newsletter and stay informed about new application rounds for Documenting Ukraine, as well as any other opportunities for Ukrainian intellectuals.