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Europe’s Futures Colloquium II

In the second event of the newly established series "Europe's Futures Colloquia" Alida Vračić and Péter Krekó presented their research projects. A joint initiative of IWM and ERSTE foundation.
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William J. Burns: American Diplomacy in a Disordered World

In the fifth event of the series “Geopolitical Talks” IWM Permanent Fellow Ivan Krastev talked with Ambassador William J. Burns, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, about America’s changing role in the world and the purpose of American diplomacy.
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Europe’s Futures Colloquium I: Grigorij Mesežnikov & Niccolo Milanese

In the first event of the newly established series "Europe's Futures Colloquia" Grigorij Mesežnikov and Niccolo Milanese present their research projects. A joint project of IWM and ERSTE foundation.
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Robert Skidelsky: The Future of Work – Is Artificial Intelligence a New Road to Serfdom?

Debate with Lord Robert Skidelsky, Michal Pechoucek and Ludger Hagedorn (Moderator)

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The Challenge of Technocracy

The European Union (EU) is a rules-based order par excellence. Often seen as one of its great strengths, its reliance on rules as a functional equivalent of politics and political contestation is actually deeply problematic. The deficiencies of the EU’s rules-based and technocratic approach to governance have become much more apparent over the last ten years – the EU’s ‘crisis decade’. Panel discussion with Stefan Auer, Nicole Scicluna, Hans Kundnani and Ivan Vejvoda.
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Wolfgang Streeck: The International State System after Neoliberalism

IWM Lecture in Human Sciences by Wolfgang Streeck on "Europe between National Democracy and Supranational Centralization".
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Making Sense of the Results of the European Elections

Patocka Debate 2019, May 29, 2019 with Ivan Krastev, Michael Žantovský, Ondřej Ditrych. A cooperation of IWM (Vienna) and IIR (Prague)
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Ayse Caglar: Migrants and City Making in Disempowered Cities

Asye Caglar talks in this Monthly Lecture about the questions: What do cities which have lost their economic, political, and cultural power and population reveal about the location of migrants in city-making and urban politics? What do they disclose about the fault lines of neoliberal urban redevelopment?
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Ivan Krastev: The Light that Failed

2nd Krzysztof Michalski Memorial Lecture
May 24, 2019
Speaker: Ivan Krastev
“The Light That Failed”
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Peter Engelmann, Chantal Mouffe: Democracy and Its Enemies

Book presentation: "Wenn Demokratien demokratisch untergehen" [When Democracies are dismantled democratically], Pasagen Verlag, 2019. The volume marks the resumption of a series of IWM publications in cooperation with Passagen Verlag, Vienna.
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Ivan Krastev, Gwendolyn Sasse, Gerard Toal: The Return of Geopolitics?

Over the past several years, it has become common to announce the ‘return of geopolitics’ in shaping the world order and relations between states. Panel Discussion moderated by Luiza Bialasiewicz
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Ulrike Lunacek, Niccolò Milanese: Citizens of Nowhere – How Europe Can Be Saved from Itself

Panel discussion with Niccolò Milanese and Ulrike Lunacek organised by “Europe’s Futures – Ideas for Action”, an initiative by ERSTE Foundation and IWM.
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Shivshankar Menon: The New Asian Geopolitics

In the last two decades, globalisation, rapid development and the rise of China and other emerging economies have moved the centre of gravity of the world politics and the economy to Asia. In this Geopolitical Talk, Ambassador Menon will consider the longer term drivers of this phenomenon and where they might take the geopolitics of Asia in the future.
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Jiří Přibáň: Imaginaries of Democracy and Dissent

In his monthly lecture Jiří Přibáň employes the contrast of the imaginaries of democracy and dissent to recover an idea of humanity beyond the human condition.
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The Architecture of Global Migration Politics

Panel Discussion with: Marian Benbow (IOM), Ayse Caglar (IWM), Christoph Pinter (UNHCR Austria) and Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University/Vienna University).Moderator: Luiza Bialasiewicz (University of Amsterdam)
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Brexit: Deal or No Deal? What’s next for Britain and the EU?

In June 2016, the majority of the British population voted in favour of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. Since then, this decision has created enormous political waves within Great Britain – it has been in fact already termed as the biggest political crisis in the UK since World War II. It has also posed unprecedented challenges for the European Union – after years of enlargement. What will political and economic relations between Britain and the EU look like in the future and what are the implications for both sides? Foto: Christian Fischer
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Keith Krause: Between Predation and Protection

The talk explores the scope and dimensions of contemporary violence and insecurity, and detail the reasons for the persistent failure of some states to provide security and order as a public good for their citizens.
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Ranabir Samaddar: Statelessness in South Asia

The monthly lecture with Ranabir Samaddar shows why the international legal understanding of statelessness is inadequate to theorise the growing phenomenon of statelessness today.
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Robert John Sawers: Changing Politics and Geopolitics. What does it mean for Europe?

Geopolitical Talk with Robert John Sawers
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Aid in Times of Crisis, the Crisis of Aid

Aid is still regarded as an important instrument for human development, nationally and internationally. Yet, the nature of aid, its structuring and implementation has changed considerably in recent years. It has been increasingly integrated into the financial and economic system, giving rise to a thriving new industry dealing in „social bonds“ and „social business“, thus in social profiteering.
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Europe’s Far Right on the Rise: Defending Democracy, Promoting Alternatives

European polities are facing a challenge from the far right unprecedented in the post-WW2 era. This new fascism is well financed, transnational and intent on turning the clock backwards on democracy, human rights, and the freedoms of minorities. They also often promote climate change denial at this dangerous moment for the ecological future of our planet, wrapping this up in a narrative of opposition to ‘experts’ and ‘elites’.
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McMafia and the Geopolitics of Crime

Organized crime is part of all our worlds—often without us even knowing. In our times of the return of geopolitics Misha Glenny renowned author and journalist will present and discuss the deep and intricate connections in the world of international organized crime and how these developments affect today’s politics and societies.
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Trojanow trifft: Nestor Machno – Erinnert Euch an mich!

Nestor Machno – der große Unbekannte des 20. Jahrhunderts. Von der sowjetischen Geschichtsschreibung zum Banditen degradiert, von den Anarchisten in aller Welt als Held, als ukrainischer Che Guevara verherrlicht, hat er mit seinen Freischärlern den Ausgang des russischen Bürgerkriegs entscheidend beeinflusst. Der Schauspieler Mark Zak, selbst in der Ukraine aufgewachsen, hat über diesen Rebellen und die Bewegung eine dramatisierte Lesefassung aus den Stimmen verschiedener Zeitzeugen zusammengestellt.
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Luiza Bialasiewicz, Ruth Wodak: Borderwork in the City

A Panel Discussion on affective geopolitics and the landscapes of urban fears.
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Selected Audio Files:

Women's Day: The Backlash Against Women’s Rights

Ulrich Brinkmann: Die unsichtbare Faust des Marktes

Katya Gorchinskaya, Cathrin Kahlweit: Have Ukraine's Reforms Failed?

Slavenka Drakulic: How Women Survived Post-Communism (and Didn't Laugh)