Vlasta Kordová

Nazi Anti-partisan Warfare on the Eastern Front: Bandenbekämpfung

The Partisan Warfare in the German-Soviet War has become an object of many controversies in recent historiography which focuses particularly on the effects of the Soviet partisan warfare on civilians. Overwhelming research focuses on the impacts of partisan attacks and ambushes that are represented by German repressions and persecutions of inhabitants living in the immediate vicinity. The proposed contribution reverses this interpretation through the term Bandenbekämpfung employed by the Nazis (H. Himmler) and both demonstrates how this term is ideologically loaded (followed-up by the concept Vernichtungskrieg – War of Annihilation) and subdivides the Bandenbekämpfung into constituent categories. This categorization attempts to reveal the crucial difference between our current understanding of the Anti‑partisan warfare and how the Nazis themselves understood their persecution of the partisans.

Discussant: Ivan Vejvoda