Globalisation, Europe and the Democratic Crisis

A two-day, invitation-only academic workshop at the London School of Economics, organised by IWM and LSE

18th – 19th February 2018

In the globalisation era a radically more integrated international community of states has come into being. From climate justice to migration, technological change and poverty, the major questions of the twenty-first century cannot be solved in national isolation. They necessitate international cooperation and global governance. Simultaneously, we see a re-emergence of nationalism and a degradation of democracy in many countries, making regional and global dialogue and coordination much more difficult. Responding to these challenges requires rethinking the current model of globalisation from an economic point of view, but also a re-examination of democracy and its requirements in this global age. “Reforming Globalisation” will be the topic for Day One under auspices of Professor Kaldor, LSE, and Professor Randeria, IWM. On Day Two, Ivan Vejvoda and “Europe’s Futures” Fellows will lead the discussion on “Democracy Crisis in Europe”.

The conference is supported and co-organised by “Europe’s Futures – Ideas for Action”, a partnership of ERSTE Foundation and Institute for Human Sciences.