Donations Acceptance Policy and Procedures at IWM

  1. Donation Policy

IWM will only accept donations from donors, and for purposes, that do not give rise to ethical concerns and are in accordance with the intellectual aims and academic independence of IWM.

IWM appreciates and honors anyone willing to support the mission and activities of the Institute. IWM does not accept anonymous donations, but will honor the wish of donors not to be named in public. IWM will not accept donations from donors involved in unethical activities of any kind. In particular, IWM will not accept donations obtained by illegal or unethical means, or serving the purpose of money-laundering, or are provided by a person or institution, whose activities are in conflict with IWM’s mission and values as expressed in its Statutes. As a donor’s activities cannot be scrutinized by IWM beyond the information available in the public domain, decisions on donations will be based on publicly available information with respect to the integrity of the donor.

Donations may be given to the IWM for general institutional support or may serve a specific purpose. Only donations, which are not in conflict with the mission and values of the IWM, especially its academic freedom and integrity as well as ideological and political independence and impartiality, will be accepted. Donations can only be accepted if there is full independence of IWM in setting the intellectual agenda, if applicable in pursuit of an acceptable purpose of the donation. IWM must also remain independent in selecting fellows and staff, communicating with the general public, publication of research, and administration of the program and its budget.

  1. Rules of decision-making

 It is the responsibility of the Rector to seek agreements on donations to IWM.

All potential donations with a value above 100.000 Euros, or about which any ethical concerns are raised, or are likely to be raised, by a member of the Collegium, Board or General Assembly or any other member of IWM, will be subject to a decision taken by the Board of Trustees in mutual agreement with the Rector. The Rector will consult the Collegium prior to placing the matter before the Board. The Board shall decide by a two-thirds majority on the acceptance of such donations.

The Rector will report all other donations, including those below the value of 100.000 Euro, to the Board and General Assembly in the regular reports at their meetings.

  1. Donation Agreements

A written donation agreement is required for all donations of a value of 25.000 Euros or more and of donations below the value of 25.000 Euros with a specific purpose. If a donor defines a specific purpose of a donation, in line with the requirements defined above, this shall be notified as ‘preferences’ in the agreement.

Donation agreements will be prepared by the Executive Director and, if necessary as defined above in mutual agreement with the Board, will be signed by the Rector and the donor.

  1. Past Agreements

These rules apply to all donation agreements with the IWM sought after January 2016. Renewals of existing or earlier donation and funding agreements are considered as agreed upon by the relevant actors of the IWM. If there are any serious ethical concerns as to these past agreements, they should be brought in due time to the attention of the Rector, who may seek to reconsider the donation with the Board. If a change of agreements seems unavoidable, it must be decided by the Board in mutual agreement with the Rector.