A. Dirk Moses

A. Dirk Moses is a professor of modern history at the University of Sydney. Among many  publications he authored or edited are German Intellectuals and the Nazi Past (2007), Empire, Colony, Genocide: Conquest, Occupation and Subaltern Resistance in World History (Berghahn 2008/pbk 2009), Oxford Handbook of Genocide Studies (2010 with Donald Bloxam), and Colonial Counterinsurgency and Mass Violence: The Dutch Empire in Indonesia (2014 with  Bart Lutti


Partitions and the Sisyphean Making of Peoples

Far from solving identity dilemmas, partitions represent another episode in the endless process of their reconfiguration and adaption. Rather than engaging in the separation of homogenous peoples, partitions are a modality of their making, however fraught and incomplete, indeed impossible. For while nationalists imagine that partition led to the territorialization of their people and its return to “history”, the last sixty years has revealed the Sisyphean nature of realizing this national fantasy in practice
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