Rainer Bauböck

Rainer Bauböck is professor of social and political theory at the European University Institute in Florence. In 2006 he was awarded the Latsis Prize of the European Science Foundation for his work on immigration and social cohesion in modern societies. Among his many publications are Immigration and Boundaries of Citizenship (1992), Transnational Citizenship: Membership and Rights in International Migration (1994), and Wege zur Integration. Was man gegen Diskrieminierung und Fremdenfeindlichkeit tun kann (with Patrik-Paul Volf, 2001).


In Defence of Free Movement

Asserting a human right to free movement without explaining how it could be accepted by states as a norm of international law risks disconnecting moral critique from political reform. In the present world the admission of refugees and other forced migrants must be governed by principles of human rights, humanitarian duties and burden sharing between states rather than by a right of free movement.
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