Zygmunt Bauman (1925-2017)

The IWM mourns the death of the renowned Polish-born sociologist Zygmunt Bauman who died at the age of 91. Regarded as one of the most influential, critical theorists of our times, Bauman delivered the Jan Patočka Memorial Lecture 2015 entitled “Diasporic Terrorism” (see IWMpost 116).

Further reading/listening:
Was von Zygmunt Bauman bleiben wird
(Interview mit Ludger Hagedorn)

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Born in Poland in 1925, he was forced to exile twice: In 1939 he fled the advancing german troops to the Soviet Union and in 1968 he left Poland due to the anti-semitic campaign of that time. His publications comprise more than 40 books and include: Modernity and the Holocaust (1989), Intimations of Postmodernity (1990), Postmodern Ethics (1993), Liquid Modernity (2000), Society Under Siege (2002), 44 Letters from a Liquid Modern World (2010) and Collateral Damage (2011).

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