Royal Honour for Mieke Verloo

On April 26, IWM Non-Resident Permanent Fellow Mieke Verloo has received the royal honour of being named Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. Every year, royal honours are awarded to those who have been of exceptional service to science or society.

Mieke Verloo, Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues at Radboud University, is an international expert in the field of gender inequality and diversity. At the IWM she directed two major research projects on gender equality policymaking in Europe (see and

“For decades, she has committed herself to offering people the opportunities that they deserve”, says the official statement. “She tirelessly dedicates herself to raising awareness and changing behaviour in European society. In previous decades, all European nations and the European Union have developed an equal rights policy. Input for that came from two ambitious international research projects by Verloo, in which she made comparisons between the policies in the fields of equal rights and inequality in all European countries. Above all, these projects contributed to better equal rights policy within the EU.”