Vlasta Kordová

PhD candidate in History, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem

Jan Patocka Junior Visiting Fellow
(February–June 2020)


Victimisation and Heroization: The Post-1989 Retelling of 20th Century National History in Central and Eastern Europe

After 1989, the regained independence of Central and Eastern European states opened up the opportunity to retell their national histories. These nations, whose histories had been subordinated by the Great Powers, decided to make their history great. The post-communist nations consequently assumed a role of victimhood, while simultaneously looking for national heroes. Thirty years of viewing history through the black-and-white lens of victimisation and heroization has undeniably left a questionable impact. My research will focus on the manifold consequences of this post-1989 retelling of history.