Victoria Vasilenko

Victoria Vasilenko

Assistant Professor of Contemporary History and International Relations, Belgorod National Research University

Alexander Herzen Visiting Fellow
(October 2011 – March 2012)


The Polish Question and 1945 as a Transitory Period

Usually, the Polish Question at the end of World War II is either given too much significance in connection with the ‘theme of Yalta’, or is just mentioned as one of the difficult side matters in the Allied negotiations. My objective is to reveal the part this matter played in shifting the dominating trend in the Grand Alliance from cooperation to confrontation in 1945, devoting much attention to the cultural aspect of diplomacy.


Poland: EU Presidency as an Incentive to Reconsider Polish Identity?

n August 2011 Alexander Rahr, one of Germany’s key experts in post-Soviet affairs, claimed that Poland as the then EU presiding country had to get more involved in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus . His stance presumably expressed the prevailing expectations in the German political class. The logic of his “Go East” appeal was quite …
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