Sergiu Novac


PhD candidate in Sociology and Social Anthropology, CEU Budapest

CEU Junior Visiting Fellow
(October 2015—December 2015)


Taming the Atom, Engineering Time. An Anthropology of Nuclear Decommissioning

This project is part of my broader PhD thesis, which is a historical and ethnographic study of the former Soviet built nuclear power plant in the town of Greifswald, located in North-Eastern Germany, a facility that has been in the process of phasing out for the last twenty-five years. The main question guiding the research is that of an emergent culture of expertise into nuclear decommissioning that is developing in Greifswald, with continuities and also clear ruptures from the nuclear energy producing past of the town. Connected, but secondary to the main line of inquiry, are questions regarding the future of a formerly atomic city, new forms of counter-expertise developed by local citizen’s initiatives in the field of energy and, more generally, Greifswald’s shifting position in the global world system.