Sara Silverstein


Ph.D. Candidate in Modern European and International History, Yale University
Junior Visiting Fellow (April – June 2014)


Before Doctors Without Borders: The Rights of Refugees and the Social Frontiers of Postwar Europe

This project explores healthcare provision for refugees following the Second World War, focusing on the part refugee doctors took in organizing relief. Through their work, they evolved new standards of individual and collective rights to health and healthcare, and re-envisioned the institutions to protect these rights beyond traditional state-based welfare. Contributing to the rehabilitation of both national and international programs, their concept of rights became underpinnings of emerging European institutions.


The Refugee Crisis that Europe Solved

The refugee crisis in Europe after the Second World War was far worse than the EU faces today, but a successful structure arose in 1945 because the world assumed it could solve the refugee problem. Today, we accept refugees as a permanent consequence of modern global affairs and respond to each individual crisis without looking for long-term solutions.
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