Ovidiu Stanciu


Teaching assistant in Political Theory, Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), Paris

Paul Celan Visiting Fellow
(July – September 2016)


Jan Patočka: Europa und Nach-Europa. Die nacheuropäische Epoche und ihre geistigen Probleme (and related  texts) (German > Romanian)

Patočka’s reflections on Europe and post-Europe are situated at the crossroads between different thematic fields, such as philosophy of history, phenomenology of human existence, political theory, and philosophical anthropology. His aim is to cast light, through a genealogical analysis, to the specificities (and limitations) of the European heritage and to inquire into the horizons which open up with the emergence of a “post-European age”.


Previous stays at the IWM:
2013, Guest
July–August 2014, Patočka Research Guest