Ondřej Slačálek


Assistant Professor of Political Science, Charles University, Prague


Exclusion and National Identity: the Czech Case

The research project focuses on Czech identity in the light of debates on the key. Others in Czech society after 1989—Communists, Germans, Roma and Muslims—and also on the pre-1989 dissident debates regarding national identity.

Previous stays at the IWM:
January – June 2017, Jan Patočka Junior Visiting Fellow


Countering Fake News… with Fake Expertise?

The Czech state has set out to fight for the truth and against disinformation using untrustworthy representatives, inspired by a controversial think tank that employs problematic methods. To oppose a disinformation campaign by Russia based on spreading fake news, we have the fake expertise of a think tank that exerts influence on the state administration. Under such circumstances it is not surprising that a center that was meant to confront Russian propaganda has thus far managed only to defend its own existence.
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