Katya Gorchinskaya


Managing Editor for Investigative Programming, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (REF/RL), Kyiv

Milena Jesenská Visiting Fellow
(January, August, September 2015)


Saving a Bird of Prey. A Book about Ukraine’s Revolution

Saving a Bird of Prey (working title) is a book about human courage and solidarity that defies fear and uncertainty. It tells the story of a policeman who as a part of his job gets to see a video showing a protester being tortured by the police. This shocking discovery leads him to question the system of which he had been a part, and he decides to leak it to the public. Forced to run for his life, he finally manages – with the help of his friends –  obtain a visa for a European country and flees Ukraine. The officer’s story encapsulates the whole reason behind Ukraine‘s EuroMaidan revolution and shows how it worked – through mutual trust and support.


Have Ukraine’s Reforms Failed?

Second only to “war”, "reform" is probably the word most frequently bandied about by Ukraine's leadership. President Petro Poroshenko announced de-oligarchisation, yet the nation sees the rise of new oligarchs. Politicians talk about fighting corruption, yet nobody is jailed for corruption. And so the story goes on. Does all this mean that Ukraine's reform efforts have failed? Are there any success stories? Journalists Katya Gorchinskaya of RFE/RL and Cathrin Kahlweit of Süddeutsche Zeitung will together try to answer those and other questions.
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Tödliches Versteckspiel in der Ukraine

Die stellvertretende Chefredakteurin der Kyiv Post Katya Gorchinskaya, im Jänner 2015 Milena Jesenská Fellow am IWM, veröffentlichte in der Tageszeitung Der Standard einen Artikel zur verfahrenen Situation zwischen Ukraine und Russland. Sie schreibt von den sehr unterschiedlichen Interessen, die wenig Raum für Diplomatie lassen. Im ö1 Interview mahnt sie, dass der Krieg nicht allein mit Diplomatie zu lösen sein wird.
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A Deadly Game of Hide-and-Seek: Why a Diplomatic Solution in Russia/Ukraine War is Nowhere in Sight

When Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov emerged after negotiations in Berlin on January 21, he had a simple message for the media: there may be thousands of people killed in the ongoing war in Ukraine, but you have no proof that it is done by Russian troops or Russian weapons.
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