Grigorij Mesežnikov

Political scientist, President of the Institute for Public Affairs (IVO)

Europe’s Futures, Non-Resident Fellow
(September 2019–June 2020, in residence September 2019)


Illiberal Regression of Democracy as an Opportunity for Political Extremism: The Case of Slovakia

The working hypothesis with which the author of the proposed project will work is the consideration that besides the strengthening of ethno-politics and the influence of unfavorable socio-economic impacts on the population, no less important a factor in the rise of right-wing radicalism in Slovakia is the illiberal regression in the execution of power by non-extremist mainstream political forces (the moderate populists): tyranny of the majority, efforts to limit fair electoral competition, marginalization of the opposition (especially liberal-democratic forces), selective justice, attacks on independent media and civil associations and initiatives, state capture, nourishing the illiberal public discourse on democracy, freedom, human rights, other universal values, migration, the future of the EU, etc.