Carl Henrik Fredriksson


Editor-in-Chief, Eurozine, Vienna

Visiting Fellow
(January – March 2014)


“Vienna Has Fallen!” Diverging Historical Narratives and the Prospects of a European Public Sphere

The Europeanization of identities and frames of reference still seems like a far-off dream. But the long-term prospects for a more meaningful European community turn on the emergence of those very trends. Notwithstanding that identity is constructed, it would not only be futile but also dangerous to try to prescribe to Europeans a certain potentially hegemonic narrative that should fit all contexts and account for what is in fact a multitude of social, political and historical experiences. However, divergent historical narratives are one of the most difficult challenges facing anyone who wants to contribute to the emergence of a European public sphere.

The project looks at how contested interpretations of historical and recent events are made active in the present, both uniting and dividing European societies. Its main focus is on how the second siege of Vienna (1683) is still a potent reference in the public spheres of both Turkey and Austria.


Widening the Context: The Eurozine Anthology

What started thirty-five years ago as an informal meeting of European editors became the basis for Eurozine, founded in 1998 as an online cultural journal and editorial network. To celebrate this double anniversary, Eurozine has published a print anthology spanning the project chronologically, thematically, generically and geographically. The book provides an insight into two decades …
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Can It Happen Here? Our Central European Future

Austria may come to play an ominous role in the deepening conflict between East and West, writes Carl Henrik Fredriksson. The future of the EU will be decided in Central Europe.
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Robert Silvers: Just an Editor?

There are dozens of stories and myths surrounding Bob Silvers: how he worked around the clock, with several shifts of young assistants struggling to keep up; or his Christmas morning or past-midnight phone calls to discuss ‘a dangling modifier’ or a semicolon that he felt should be changed to a full stop. However, the most apt characterization of him is that of the author who doesn’t write. Asked if he wrote at all, his answer was quick and emphatic: ‘No, I just edit."
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The “Trickle-Down Theory of Ideas”

The online network Eurozine, co-founded by the Institute's journal Transit in 1998, provides a platform for leading European journals "to engage in a continuous and active conversation with each other", says editor-in-chief Carl Henrik Fredriksson.
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