Former Visiting Fellows and Guests

Since its establishment in 1982, the Institute for Human Sciences has hosted more than 1,000 Fellows and Guests. Please find below a comprehensive list in alphabetical order, containing Visiting Fellows (VF), Junior Visiting Fellows (JVF) and Guests of the IWM from the beginning. As a rule, we state the affiliation they had at the time of their fellowship.

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Mahon O’Brien

Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, Boston University
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Eoin O’Carroll

Journalism, Boston University
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Vlad Odobescu

Freelance journalist, Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism, Bucharest
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Soli Özel

Professor of International Relations, Kadir Has University, Istanbul; columnist, Habertürk Daily newspaper
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Umut Özkirimli

Professor, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University; Visiting Fellow, Barcelona Center for International Studies (CIDOB); Visiting Fellow, LSEE - Research on South East Europe, LSE
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Maria Ofierska

Editor, Warsaw
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Irina L. Ognyanova

Doktorandin der Geschichte, Universität Sofia
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Csaba Olay

Philosophy, Eötvös University Budapest
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Martyn Oliver

Ph.D. Candidate in Religion and Literature, Boston University
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Alan M. Olson

Professor für Religion und Philosophie, Boston University
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Jaroslav Opat

History, Prague
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Saso Ordanoski

Freelance journalist, Sloboden Pecat and USAID project, Skopje
Milena Jesenská Visiting Fellow (August – October 2015)
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Wojciech Orlinski

Gazeta Wyborcza, Warszawa
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Eva Orosz

Associate Professor in the Department of Social Policy, Institute of Sociology and Social Policy, Eötvös Lorand University Budapest
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Wiktor Osiatynski

Program Director, Institute for Human Rights Research and Education, Warschau; Professor of Law, Central European University / University of Chicago; Member of the Board of the Open Society Institute
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Arkady Ostrovsky

Moscow Bureau Chief, The Economist
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Damiana G. Otoiu

Political Science, Bucharest University
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Margus Ott

Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy, University of Tallinn
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