Former Visiting Fellows and Guests

Since its establishment in 1982, the Institute for Human Sciences has hosted more than 1,000 Fellows and Guests. Please find below a comprehensive list in alphabetical order, containing Visiting Fellows (VF), Junior Visiting Fellows (JVF) and Guests of the IWM from the beginning. As a rule, we state the affiliation they had at the time of their fellowship.

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Lidia Nádori

Freelance translator, Budapest
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Herta Nagl

Professorin für Philosophie, Universität Wien; Korrespondierendes Mitglied des IWM
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Anja Naglič

Freelance translator, Ljubljana
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Edina Maria Nagy

Senior lecturer, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest; freelance translator
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Norman Naimark

History, Stanford University
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Inna V. Naletova

Ph.D. candidate at the Dept. of Religious Studies, Boston University
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Paulina Napierala

Political Sciences, Jagiellonian University Krakow
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Philippe Narval

Managing Director, European Forum Alpbach, Vienna
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Maria Nawojczyk

Sociology, AGH Univerisity of Science and Technology
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Khrystyna Nazarkevych

Dozentin für Germanistik, Nationale Ivan-Franko-Universität, Lviv
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Bulat Nazmutdinov

Assistant Professor, Higher School of Economics, Dept. of Legal Theory and Comparative Law, Moscow
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Sighard Neckel

Professor of Sociology, Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main
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Irina Nedeva

Publicist and Journalist, Sofia
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Jiri Nemec

Philosopher and Psychologist, Vienna/Prague
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Ekaterina Nemenko

Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy, Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg
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Stefan Nemeth

Dozent für Philosophie, Comenius Universität, Bratislava
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Thomas Nesbit

Ph.D. candidate in Religion and Literature, Boston University
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Joachim Nettelbeck

Former Secretary, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
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Gabriele Neuhäuser

Philosophie, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a.M.
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Iver B. Neumann

Research Professor of Political Science, Norwegian Institute for International Affairs and Senior Adviser, European Department, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Dinara Nevaeva

PhD student, Altai State University, Barnaul, Russia
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David Nichols

Religion, Boston University
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Craig Nichols

Doktorand der Philosophie, Boston University
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Aurel Niederberger

PhD in Political Science and International Relations, Graduate Institute, Geneva
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Heidi Niederkofler

Ph.D. candidate in History, University of Vienna
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Renate Niekant

Political Science, Heidelberg
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Ton Nijhuis

Dozent am Institut für Geschichte, Universität Maastricht
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Miglena Nikolchina

Associate Professor at the Department of Theory and Literature, Sofia University
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Olga Nikolova

Freelance translator, editor, and writer, Sofia
Paul Celan Visiting Fellow
(January – May 2015)
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Irina Nikolska

Musicology, Moscow
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Tiit Noorköiv

History, Estland
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Sergiu Novac

PhD candidate in Sociology and Social Anthropology, CEU Budapest
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Terese Novak

Graduate student in Business Administration and International Relations, Boston University
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Anna Novokhatko

Translator, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
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Tereza Novotna

Political Science, Boston University
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Karel Novotny

Doktorand in Philosophie, Karls-Unversität, Prag; Mitarbeiter am J. Patocka-Archiv im CTS Prag
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Beatrix Novy

Journalist, Deutschlandfunk, Köln
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Piotr Nowak

Philosophie, Universität Warschau / Universität Bialystok
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Ewa Nowak-Juchacz

Translator, Poznan
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Magdalena Nowicka-Franczak

Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Łódź
Bronisław Geremek Junior Visiting Fellow
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Maciej Nowicki

Columnist, Polish edition of Newsweek, Warsaw
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Grazyna Nowocien-Mach

Editor, Warsaw
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Ryszard Nycz

Literaturwissenschaftler und Übersetzer, Warschau
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