JVF Conference 28

A Forgotten Calamity.
Henan during the Great Famine (1958–1961)

  Throughout the three and a half thousand years of its recorded history, the province of Henan has had more than its fair share of natural disasters. The proximity of the notoriously unpredictable Yellow River and the dependence on weather sensitive crops to feed its vast farming population caused famine and plague occur with an …
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The Unbearable Burden of Forgetting.
Lustration in Post-Communist Romania

There are few people today open to talk publicly about the memories of their communist past in Romania. A few years ago, the director Cristian Mungiu made a surprising movie out of it and won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. This year, the Nobel Prize for literature was awarded to Herta Müller who, far away in time and space, continues to write about her years of growing up in a dictatorship.
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Divided Austria – History Fiction in Linz [1]

  On September 3, 2005, the banks of the River Danube in Linz saw the staging of “an impertinent falsification of history“ [2] , as the Süddeutsche Zeitung put it: the open air play “division at the river” (“teilung am fluss”) which was produced by an artists’ network called lawine torrèn (Director: Hubert Lepka). The …
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Constructing Identity and Embracing Boredom in United Europe

  Much intellectual and institutional effort is invested in the attempt at understanding and bridging the gap between the European Union and its citizens. Numerous studies and projects have been set up with this aim and dedicated to the task of discovering or defining the meaning of European identity in postwar and post-wall Europe. [1] …
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From the Secularization of the State to the Deprivatization of Religion and Faith-Based Initiatives Policy in the USA [1]

The paradigm of secularization has been the main theoretical and analytical framework through which the social sciences have viewed the relationship of religion and modernity. According to Jose Casanova, however, academics usually try to present a single theory of secularization, while these theories are actually all made up of three unintegrated propositions. The first one …
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