Focus: Memory

United Europe – Divided History

This research project seeks to overcome divisions among national historiographies and between East and West through scholarly history conceived in a novel way.
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Iva Lučić

PhD in History, University of Uppsala

Junior Visiting Fellow
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Holly Case

Associate Professor of History, Brown University

Visiting Fellow
(August 2019 – January 2020)
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Dessislava Lilova

Associate Professor of Cultural History, Sofia University
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Olga Baranova

Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary European History, Gonzaga University, Florence
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Carl Henrik Fredriksson

Editor-in-Chief, Eurozine, Vienna

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The Taste of Ashes | The Afterlife of Totalitarianism in Eastern Europe

Marci Shore: The Taste of Ashes

In the tradition of Timothy Garton Ash’s The File, Yale historian and prize-winning author Marci Shore draws upon intimate understanding to illuminate the afterlife of totalitarianism. The Taste of Ashes spans from Berlin to Moscow, moving from Vienna in Europe’s west through Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw and Bucharest to Vilnius and Kiev in the post-communist east. The …
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Katarzyna Sadkowska

Assistant Professor of Polish and German Philology, University of Warsaw

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Katherine Lebow

Historian, Vienna
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Evgenia Kocheva

Postgraduate Student in History, National Research Tomsk State University
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