Ukraine in European Dialogue

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Five years have passed since the Maidan, yet Ukraine remains at a historic crossroads. There is an ongoing need for a platform for dialogue between Ukrainian scholars, intellectuals and activists and their counterparts in Europe and North America. For Ukraine, intellectual exchange with the West is crucial for the success of reform efforts and for building a modern, sovereign state governed by the rule of law. But Europe, too, has something to learn from Ukrainians, and not only lessons of civic courage, self-organization and mass volunteer movements. Ukraine is no longer a terra incognita; it is a source of insights into politics and civil society that might well be relevant to the European present and future. Understanding Ukraine and the nature of the current conflict with Russia is vital for the future of the European endeavor. The project Ukraine in European Dialogue seeks to contribute to this exchange.

This project, initiated by Permanent Fellow Timothy Snyder, is dedicated to enabling sustained contact and exchange between scholars, public intellectuals, journalists, activists and policymakers from Ukraine and the rest of Europe. It continues the IWM’s long-standing tradition of practical and intellectual solidarity with societies in transition. Its aim is to foster intellectual and cultural understanding, to support the evolution of a sovereign, rule-of-law, rights-respecting Ukraine within a vibrant, open Europe, and to enable European, North American, and other scholars, intellectuals and policy-makers to benefit from the insights about politics and civil society which Ukraine provides and that might be relevant to the European present and future. It includes fellowship programs, conferences, public debates and travel grants.


Fellowships & Events

The project Ukraine in European Dialogue includes:

  • Andriy Sheptyts’kyi Senior Fellowship for outstanding international scholars in the fields of public ethics, religion and politics
  • Junior Fellowships for scholars from Ukraine in history and the social sciences
  • Short-term Solidarity Fellowships for notable scholars from Ukraine whose work has been disrupted by war
  • Conferences, workshops, lectures, seminars and public discussions at the IWM and in Ukraine (Please find a list of public events at the IWM here.)
  • Publications, including a focal point in Eurozine and an archive on Transit.

Project financed by the Temerty Fund at KBF Canada.





Research Director

Fellows and Guests

  • Iryna Sklokina

    Researcher, Center for Urban History of East Central Europe

    Junior Visiting Fellow, Ukraine in European Dialogue
    (September 2020 – February 2021)
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  • Volodymyr Sklokin

    Associate Professor of History, Ukrainian Catholic University

    Visiting Fellow, Ukraine in European Dialogue
    (September 2020 – February 2021)
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Former Fellows & Guests