NEUJOBS_600_250From September 2012 to January 2014 the IWM participated in the EU FP7-funded project Neujobs. Creating and Adapting Jobs in Europe in the Context of the Socio-Ecological Transition. The project, coordinated by the Center for Policy Studies in Brussels, aimed to answer the question of what European labour market(s) might look like in 2025, to develop scenarios for employment, and to analyze which groups in society might be the most affected.
IWM Permanent Fellow János Mátyás Kovács directed the project’s Work Package 2, entitled “Good Jobs” in a “Good Economy”, which looked at the cultural undercurrents of labor markets in two ‘old’ and two ‘new’ EU member states: Spain and the UK, and Hungary and Slovakia, respectively. Members of the research team examined how policy-makers and scholars, as well as employees and workers, think and speak about what makes a ‘good job’. The IWM hosted two international workshops to discuss the Work Party’s findings, which were published on the Neujobs website  and in the volume Let’s get to Work! The Future of Labour in Europe, edited by Miroslav Beblavý, Ilaria Maselli and Marcela Veselková.

Further reading:
“Travelling Back in Time? Job Quality in Europe As Seen from Below”, in: Miroslav Beblavy et al (eds.): The Future of Labour in Europe, Brussels: CEPS, 2014 (see also IWMpost112).

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