Decent Society

Modernization and globalization have not only aggravated existing inequalities between as well as within societies but have also produced new forms of inequality.

The research focus “Decent Society” maps not only the realities of injustice under conditions of multi-scalar governance and legal pluralism but also the potential of creating justice. Contemporary processes of juridification (Verrechtlichung) and multinormativity are reshaping domestic and international law, politics and policy, and redrawing their boundaries. Furthermore, they pose new challenges for democracy, governance, and the exercise of individual and collective citizenship rights under the rule of law.

Which consequences does this have for the individual and the “decent life” of societies across the globe? How do these developments affect local and global problems of inequality? What is the role of civil society, of lawmakers, and of courts in redefining conceptions of the “public good” and of the “commons”? By including perspectives of different cultures, religions and theoretical backgrounds this research focus aims at addressing these crucial questions.

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