Ukraine in European Dialogue Sheptyts'kyi Fellowship

Distinguished Guests

The Ukraine in European Dialogue project, initiated by Permanent Fellow Timothy Snyder, is dedicated to enabling sustained contact and exchange between scholars, public intellectuals, journalists, activists and policymakers from Ukraine and the rest of Europe. It continues the IWM’s long-standing tradition of practical and intellectual solidarity with societies in transition.

Its aim is to foster intellectual and cultural understanding, to support the evolution of a sovereign, rule-of-law, rights-respecting Ukraine within a vibrant, open Europe, and to enable European, North American, and other scholars, intellectuals and policy-makers to benefit from the insights about politics and civil society which Ukraine provides and that might be relevant to the European present and future.


Katherine Younger
Research Director, Ukraine in European Dialogue



  • Fellowship Continuance: Out of the Shadows: How Central and Eastern Europe Became Modern, -
  • Out of the Shadows: How Central and Eastern Europe Became Modern, -
  • Invisible Empire: Layers of Memory in Post-Habsburg Europe, -
  • The End of the True Believers: The Stalinist Purges in Postwar EasternEurope, -
  • Poland and the Polish Question in Ukrainian-Russian Relations before 1914, -
  • “Symbols of Freedom”—Western Ukrainian Hippies in the Soviet Era and Today, -
  • Ukraine and the New European Order, -