Media Clippings by Ivan Krastev

“Putin surely dreams of the pre-1914 days, when Russia was autocratic but accepted, revolutions were not tolerated, and Russia could be part of Europe while preserving its distinctive culture and traditions”, wrote Ivan Krastev, IWM Permanent Fellow, in Foreign Affairs. Read his latest comments on Ukraine.

Ukraine: Tsar power pits Vladimir Putin’s empire against the West
Sidney Morning Herald, 08.03.2014

Deciphering Putin’s plan in Ukraine
WAtoday, 08.03.2014

What does Russia want and why?
Prospect, 06.03.2014

„Putin ist wütend und will die Ukraine bestrafen“
Profil, 04.03.2014

Russian Revisionism. Putin’s Plan For Overturning the European Order
Foreign Affairs, 03.03.2014

Ukraine Neighbor Nations Seek NATO, U.S. Security Assurances
Wall Street Journal, 03.03.2014

„Drohen und stören, wo es geht“
Profil, 01.03.2014

A Historic Chance not to Waste
New Eastern Europe, 24.02.2014

Les dialogues européens de Václav Havel à l’ombre de la crise en Ukraine
Radio Praha, 24.02.2014

Back to the basics: let’s talk democracy out
Open Democracy, 21.02.2014

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