Pierre Bourdieu

An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology

Translated into Ukrainian by Anastasiya Ryabchuk Paul Celan Visiting Fellow 2011 This book offers a systematic and accessible overview, providing interpretative keys to the internal logic of Bourdieu’s work by explicating thematic and methodological principles underlying his work. Firstly Loic Wacquant provides a clear and systematic account of the main themes of Bourdieu’s work, outlining …
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Langage et pouvoir symbolique

Ins Rumänische übersetzt von Bogdan Ghiu Paul Celan Visiting Fellow 2010 Langage et pouvoir symbolique brings together Bourdieu‘s highly original writings on language and on the relations between language, power and politics. He develops a forceful critique of traditional approaches to language, including the linguistic theories of Saussure and Chomsky and the theory of speech-acts …
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