Petra Jedlickova

From Monasteries to the Informational City, From Manuscripts to the New Media

We inhabit a world that is informational. Our lives are mosaics of information. Most jobs today deal with producing, transmitting, receiving, designing or archiving information. We become producers, transmitters, consumers and also buyers and sellers of information. Entertainment, body image, lifestyle, tourism, R&D or public affairs are products of the hyper-media information environment we create and inhabit. We live in the multimedia world where we endlessly and automatically interact with the media messages received from multi-channels. In urban societies media consumption is the second largest category of activity after work…
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Introduction: A Decade of Transformation

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the profound political, economic and social changes that have taken place in the former communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe. As with all anniversaries, 1999 is a year to look back and assess the progress that has been made and to reflect upon the developments that have yet to take place as the transformation continues. As scholars attempt to make sense of the rapidly changing societies in the emerging democracies of Central and Eastern Europe as well as in the mature democracies of both Western Europe and the United States, the few remaining divisions between East and West – the last faded and dilapidated remnants of the Iron Curtain – are gradually disintegrating and being replaced by the striking, multicolored banner of a globalized society…
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